Spectacular Army Camo Tape [Acu Camouflage]

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Provides Insulation against cold surfaces (extremely useful on metal surfaces)

Excellent as a Concealment aid

Can Reduces any Glare or shine of the object


Ideal for covering all gear including weapons, torches, flasks etc

Brilliant camouflage concealment

Reusable, protects your equipment and improves grip

Ideal for weapons, scopes, binoculars, flashlights, knife handles & sheaths, ammo clips, canteens & more

Used for basic covering of items including weapon claning kits, notebooks

Used to camouflage equipment including weapons, torches, flasks

Used for minor repairs on equipment

Used as a Concealment aid

The tape is not only usefull for the military but is also excellent for anyone working in the outdoors


This is a weak glue, surface feels there is no glue, only himself and his tangled when only viscosity, can be reused, suitable for cylindrical wrapped items separately to cut a little sticky things, then is sticky.  Leaves no sticky residue when removed

Material and Dimensions:

Material::Non-woven natural latex

Length: 4.5m (after-stretch)

Width: 5cm